October 18

Introducing…RIPM’s “Illustration(s) of the Week”!
Caruso Sketches Caruso

Today marks the start of our new (mostly) weekly series, as part of the “Curios” section of RIPM’s enhanced Curios, News, and Chronicles publication.  On most Wednesdays, we will post an illustration selected from the thousands in our archives. We will try to select only those that are interesting, often unexpected, and amusing.  We want to share these with you, hoping that you enjoy them as much as we do.

Last week we published a curio entitled, “Study Under Caruso: Selling Recordings in the 20th-Century”. Today we focus again on the great tenor by featuring another of his talents, that of illustrator.  Caruso sketched dozens of influential musical personalities and many of himself.  Here are just a few, along with contemporary photographs that offer interesting points of comparison.



















RIPM search tip: A search for “Caruso” in RIPM’s e-Library of Music Periodicals reveals that his name appears at least once on 7,865 pages!

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Posted October 18, 2017 by Ben Knysak in category "Illustration(s) of the Week